My panic attacks prevent me from working?

I experience frequent panic attacks. For the most part I can get a handle on them and calm down in a short period of time without compromising my work or anything else I'm doing, most people wouldn't even know I'm having one.

but Often there is a panic attack that I can't control. Some nights I will stay up until 7am panicking off and on, I'll feel very nauseated from it and I am a big shaking hysterical mess. My shift starts at 8am most days so I have to go with no sleep and anxious and I simply can't do it. Especially since it's an 8.5 hour shift and its a hectic busy job.

Sometimes the anxiety strikes while working and I can't calm down. I left work once due to this.

I just started this new job and already left once early and called out once due to anxiety. Now I'm going in today in a couple hours and I'm extremely anxious and not sure I'll be better by then.

I am about to start therapy on Monday, I've been before but got new insurance so I had to find a new psychiatrist. I am on an antidepressant that helps with anxiety. Xanax etc isn't an option.
What can I do? Do you think I could call out and say "I have severe anxiety which prevents me from working but I'm going to get help and try to get better? "


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  • Therapy is a good idea. My advice is that you don't say anything for now and wait to see what your therapist says on Monday.
    Try to think positively because this can be solved!