How come, how come?

How come on this website a girl can get away with indirectly calling me an asshole but I can't get away with indirectly calling her a hag? Mods, are you biased much?


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  • What was the circumstances of both? That could play a main factor.

    • I asked a question about getting my girlfriend to not be a slob, like not leaving used maxi pads around the place and a girl commented saying "do the right thing and let her go... she deserves better than a classless asshole who only cares about getting what HE wants." Then she asks a question for guys about whether seeing a used tampon would freak them out, I answered, then she gave me some patronizing bullshit, then I pointed out she'd got the wrong end of the stick and said "Obviously the folding was talking about a pad which isn't irrelevant given what we're talking about, damn condescending hags. lol" which was removed. I think the mods are biased fuckwits.

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    • I believe it depends on who looks at it, some people can hide it and others can remove it, but I'm not sure

    • Apparently mods can only hide a comment and an admin is the one who removes it or reinstates it, on second thought the admins are assholes too. haha

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