Why do races look so different?

I'm thinking of facial structure, not skin colour. I understand why do people from different areas have different skin colours, but I don't get how did the facial structure change.


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  • Some changes can be useless. Groups can still develop differently just by being isolated from one another, even useless genetic variations can get passed on withing a region, leaving people looking different.

    I've heard arguments that black people's noses are bigger to take in as much air as possible, the are larger and need more air, also they did a lot more running I think. For white people in the winter, longer noses warm the air more before it hits the lungs. Slanty eyes... yeah, no idea. I think most facial structures are just useless variations that become prevalent in homogeneous groups.


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  • Same genes different mutations.
    Diversity of our genetic patrimony :p
    I don t the English word of all of this so I am gonna tell yoi a small story.
    You have a type of butterfly
    There from this type 2 colors black and white.
    It happened to be that during a period of time the rocks in the area were white so you d see there is more white butterflies here than black ones. Cause it s easier to cammouflage and hide from their pretadors.
    And vis versa.
    So it s a bit similar with us, if you got what I mean.
    Thia is called I guess genetic selection. There is still more but oh well

    • That's more related to skin colour for which the answer is melaline, but still thanks for your answer. โ˜บ

    • No not really there is another case for instance with fishes. And how deeo they can go in the water for food etc...
      It s not only relsted to color.
      What I am saying is that the environment is a factor that causes mutations of the genes.
      We adapt to our environment.
      Well that s what I know, I am nit sure of anything though

    • Thanks for the mho^^

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  • Probably genetics... People from different parts of the world have common ancestry so certain features probably tend to be more common, and can probably be traced back (wayyyy far back to when the population was much smaller, thus, less diversity)

    Also, in different cultures, different features are thought to be more desirable and attractive, which probably played a role in those genetics having a higher likelihood of surviving and being passed on...

  • We are evolved from different ancestors all of us, Ramapathicus and Dryopathicus.
    Is we lived in different terrain our bodies took adaptive changes over time we got those changes in our DNA. That is how evolution works,
    So yeah we all look different, but if you adapt a kid new born from somewhere else and grow him in different environment, the kid will still look like those people, why cause evolution is a set of changes occurred over a set of generations in a specific species.
    But if you after age of 20 take that kid back between those people, he will have basic features like them, but definitely some new features in him which he acquired over last 20yrs living in different place,
    Basic example bring a kid of Netherlands or someone who is white skinned.
    Bring that kid to live in equatorial region!, South India!, Sri Lanka, Africa equatorial region. Or any hot place, with time over 20yrs he will develop an olive or a bit tanned skin so his inside body can be safe from sunlight, a change in his skin, over period of time is called adaptive feature. This adaptive features makes him safe from getting sunburn even in a sun of 50-60ยฐ Celsius.
    Now when such changes occurred into humans over 1000 years as they lived in different part of world's.
    They all started looking different.
    And this combined process is termed as 'evolution'.

  • Ummm ๐Ÿ˜
    Hmmm ๐Ÿ˜ถ
    Sorry I don't know exactly but it maybe of different types of mutations or surroundings
    We never know the truth behind it
    Like you look beautiful ๐Ÿ˜‚
    And I'm average ๐Ÿ˜œ
    Why so much difference? ๐Ÿ˜ถ

  • It's just evolution, people in different areas evolved different in isolation and therefore gained different attributes.

  • product of your environment.

    eventually it'll be one race, and we'll all look grey tho.

  • Variation?

    • Yes, but people evolved in Africa, and they moved to other parts of the world. The logic way (ok, by me, not by everyone) would be to have the same facial structure as the ancestors, but different skin colours because of the amount of sun that place has.

    • Some genes were affected by radiation and the environment. Also , it depends on where you grow up and your parents genes.

  • evolution. either natural, sexual or both.


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  • Something to do with ๐ŸŽถevolution๐ŸŽถ

  • it's a big mystery

  • Different skull structure. This is like asking why is water wet

    • But why did that develop, since humans evolved in one place, then spread to other parts of the world.

    • I don't know. I'm not a scientist

  • Wait... If all of a sudden two white people had a baby and it looked white except it was hella dark, not tan just dark, then the baby is white right? Or is the baby just considered black?

    • No, I mean, for example look at a white person's nose and at a black person's nose, they look very different. Same for eyes, lips, face shape, etc.

    • The man is this scenario should be considering a hella divorce, coz that women been creeping around!