What Things Life Has Taught You?

Troughout the years, what things has life taught you?


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  • Life is too short to hate
    Help people
    Don't miss an opportunity to find that special girl
    Follow your dreams
    Appreciate family
    Not everything is sunshine and rainbows


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  • Work hard and you get there

  • Well as a Straight guy i learned:
    - Not all girls are Angels, they can be just as bad as Guys.
    - Being Active is key
    - do what you love no matter what
    - fuck other people worry about yourself

  • Dun trust what life has taught you.. you'll get your shit flipped in a second XD.

  • That life is tough.

    And all you get for being a doormat, is waled all over a lot.

  • - even if I'm skinny I love it because i find good girlfriend and she doesn't care about that :)
    - Help people when they need help
    - Follow your dreams even if you fail 10000x times and my dream is creating my own business
    - Don't give up I'm already 19 years old and I didn't made much money from online marketing I started at the age of 15 I failed so many times, but I know that one day, one idea will be success.
    - Respect money because it's easier to spend than get it
    - Don't buy like electronics if you don't need them
    - That of you want to be successful you need to work hard and smart not only hard. It takes time and money.
    - In hard times believe in something. I believe in good quotes from, like : Steve Jobs, Bruce Lee so they cheer me up in bad days.

    What about you butimsharon?

    • I'm still learning ;)

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    • oh this one is weird one, why would you regret things you've done :D in life you need to pick your path you can't pick everything, especially not at once :)

    • but you can't regret nothing, so I think it's better to regret something you have done than regret something you haven't done because then you feel like you had a chance and you missed it and for me it's one of the worst feelings.

  • That hard work hardly pays off. It's the bullshitters and lyars who can convince the fools that rule the world into believing in them.
    The cheaters get away with it. The bullshitters get the good jobs, just because they can fool bosses with unexisting skills.
    Without money, you get pretty much no where.
    Lucky strikes come and go. But I could hardly enjoy them fully.
    Some people only pretend to care about you.
    "Don't rush love. It'll happen naturally", it's a lie.
    "You don't need girlfriends in school, just focus on getting good grades, cause you'll have time for that later in life." it's a lie
    80% of stuff leant in school isn't used ever in real life. Cause it won't be your field of study down the line


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  • Life has taught me,
    -To love myself, because if I can't love myself, who can?
    -Be accepting and respectful of others thoughts and beliefs.
    -Have an open mind, things come to those who are willing to listen.
    -Be generous and give to those in need not because you want to get things in return.
    -Stand up for myself and what I believe is right.
    -Be passionate about the endeavours you pursue.
    There's so many things life has taught me. It's a wonderful thing really.