What does "İnsan mı yedin vicdansızın oğlu" mean in English?

I've googled it and come up with the following meaning: "The son of seven unscrupulous people" but I cannot work out what it relates to.

Is it a film, is it an insult, is it a nice thing to say, a horrible thing to say.

Any help from our Turkish users appreciated. Thanks.


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  • Ahahahahhahahaha I am turkish. It means Have you eaten human son of a bitch? It is rude.

    • Thank you for replying. Oh my ! So Google translate failed there then. Why is it such a bad insult? When would you use it to insult someone? Would the person you say it to be a really bad person? Thanks.

    • I guess your hurt someone. And he said that

    • No, I read it on someone's Instagram page. A girl left the comment on his page and for some reason it sparked my interest.