Would my parents be angry if I said this to them?

I dropped my phone in the toilet. Basically what happened is that the ground was slippery , i slipped over and my phone flew from my pocket and fell in the toilet. Its still working perfectly except the home button. But anyway , would they be angry if i told them? I have already told my mom but i said that i dropped it in a cup of water and quickly picked it up. And she is blaming me for keeping my phone near the (imaginary) cup of water.

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  • Why would you lie? Just be honest. They'll be slightly unhappy considering it's an expensive phone and they may have to pay for a replacement but it's nothing long term.

    • Pfft slightly? My mom just found out and she went on me like "NO YOU DID THAT ON PURPOSE YOU *&^%$#$%^&"

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    • I told her it was in my pocket. I simply slipped over and it flew out of my pocket. Why would i do that on purpose -_-

    • Regardless I'm sure they'll get your phone fixed and it'll be all back to normal within a day or so.

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