Cheaters and people that have been cheated on?

Okay, long story short, he cheated on me. he was drunk and didn't "do" anything with her but asked her out while drunk and dumped her when he became sober... two months on, around a week ago he told me he liked me still etc. but doesn't want to get back together until he gets things sorted out. today, after a club we had, we were supposed to hang out, he walked back with some friends. So I walked back home then he asked me where i was (i guess he was going to walk back after dropping his friends off?) anyway, after all the hassle of figuring out where we were I said just meet at the shops in ten minutes. I got to the shops, he didn't show up, my phone died, I had no way of contacting him, and I was locked outside of my house... I ended up hanging out with a few other friends. Who let me borrow a charger. then I saw he messaged me asking if he was supposed to meet me then. blah blah we decide to meet up but then he couldn't so we ended up not. He messaged me saying that he did want to come out and everything etc.

we were talking and he said he's going for some girl, then says guess who with a kissy face and a winky face, might be me? if it is, then should I believe him when he says he changes whenever he hurts someone, and that he'd never do it again?


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  • First off how ing were you two together before he asked this other girl out

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    • yeah, you're right. thanks

    • I'm sorry that it came to this for you young Lady

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  • Don't waste your time, if he could do that drunk he could do that sober. Being drunk doesn't necessarily mean he didn't want to, he just got the balls to do it. He's toying with your feelings and you're letting him so do something good for yourself and move on. You're young you can find better people


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  • I'm confused about the situation he didn't do anything sexual with the chick he just asked her out while drunk?