Why do people cut themselves?

i mean can't they feel that blade going in their skin?

Why do people cut themselves?

i don't even like needles mo way i could do this..

and i know they're depressed, sad, i mean i've been taking into foster care,
my parents got divorced, and my dad denied me in court and said he doesn't want anything to do with me so trust me.. i have been sad too.

But id never cut myself... if anything id just kill myself why put myself through that pain?
and this person has like 20 scars.. after the first cut id be like

"nope, i'm done... f that"

And no i'm not judging them i know how it feels to be judged, teased and bullied..
i just want to know why...

why is it worth it to do that... don't you feel that for weeks?


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  • There's a lot of reasons people do it... Most have different reasons...
    For some it s a control thing...
    It's visually stimulating...
    Stress relief or any kind of emotional strain release...
    To "not feel"
    Others do it bc they feel addicted to it...
    It just depends on the person...
    None are good reasons to do that to ur body. But when ur in that mental state, u just really feel it helps...


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  • It s because the emotional pain is way too much so they distract themselves with the physical pain, which seems more bearable to them.
    Also for having some sort of control in life.
    Also sometimes it s a form of masochism
    They want to punish themselves because they might think everything is their fault and they enjoy the pain.

  • I think those people are either disturbed, starved for attention or starved for affection.
    Most likely all of those...

    They do feel it - that's why they do it - to feel that so they don't feel some other things. o. O

  • I guess it's like a drug addiction since it releases adrenaline.. I mean I've been very suicidal and wanted to kill myself but I still don't have the nerve tondo anything like that.. I'm good with pain but blood scares me

  • What I've heard these people say is that it distracts them from the pain they feel inside and that physical pain is "easier" than psychological pain.

  • People use it as a coping mechanism, and a way to take what's going on out on themselves. My best friend used to cut because of the super stressful and abusive home environment she had.


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