Why do things suddenly appear broken, and the I'm blamed for it?

So you probably can't understand everything by just the title, so I'll explain a little bit. So I'm just chilling, just sitting around, listening to music, being on my computer, drawing, playing video games, or being on my smart phone. Then all of a sudden, my mom or dad come out of nowhere, because something's been broken, and they think that I did it. One time it was the plug of the vacuum being cut off, another it was my dad's pills all being wet with water and mushy, another time i was my mom's makeup tools being broken, and the list can just go on. Now what the heck is this, and why? Just what the heck happened? I can understand they thinking it's me, because I'm the youngest. But why the heck are the things appearing all broken? I never even touched the things that appeared broken. Just why? Is there an explanation to this? This has been nagging me for a while. And I have no siblings. I do have cats, but I don't think that cats can naturally do the things I stated.


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  • 1. They might just had hated you since they had you (Yes, those fking idiot parents), 2. They might blame it on you because (They're pussies) and one of them might be the one did that but don't dare to say it because they are^ hence you're the scapegoat.
    3. Maybe you've just underestimated your cat.

    4. Try to tell your parents that you really didn't do it if they do not believe you should get an another trusted adult to consult your problem that you can meet up not only on chatting platform.