I feel like a failure?

I'm 22 and I live at home but I'm saving to move out. I just feel like a failure. I work at a job I hate. I try to save but the money disappears bc I keep lending it to people who don't pay me back. I'm a pushover. I want to go back to school but a friend of mine messed up my credit and now I can't take out any school loans. I don't know even know if i can get my own place now that my credit is messed up. on top of saving to move out I have to save for school. Nothing is working out. It's stress after stress. I'm already 22 time is wasting.

I'm asking for advice and opinions. There isn't a specific question


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  • -SIGH- Well, try to look on the good things that you have for now. Who loves to work, seriously? But we need to and we have to. Money disappears so damn fast and earning it back is like walking backwards blindfolded. Uncontrollable things that fuck up your life happens, and there are things that you want so bad right now but you can't have it. Time is moving, people around you are growing, a lot of things are changing. And none of this things is working out for you. You try to convince yourself that you are moving in your own pace and that stress and problems are building up its overwhelming. But let me tell you this, life will always be like that. Keep moving forward, feeling like a loser or a good for nothing right now hurts but if you are still like that in the future because you already give up right now, thats a shame. I know you heard this a couple of times but KEEP MOVING FORWARD.


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  • Never ever lend money which you can't afford to lose. Try and save money for real- don't lend it to anyone since you're basically broke. Also you should look for side jobs such as babysitting, tutoring, walking dogs etc to earn a few extra bucks.

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