Weapon of choice in the Zombie Apocalypse?

What would you pick as your favorite weapon?
What do you think is the most practical weapon in the apocalypse?

What is the one item that you would take with you to help you remember life before the apocalypse?


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  • Definitely a samurai sword
    A gun is quite practical but it can run out of ammo so sword again
    My phone full of photos


Most Helpful Guy

  • A halberd is the most practical given that it can be used in close quarters, keeps the zombies at a distance, can be used to thrust and slice, it's silent and can also be used as a tool when required. In addition weapons of this style require much less skill and training to use in comparison to other weapons such as a sword or gun.


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  • a razor sharp katana, or two

  • Fuck weapons. Ill just fart my way out of the apocalypse.

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