What could be my IQ range?

I know this sounds silly, but I don't know the results of the IQ tests I took. They weren't some internet tests. My IQ was measured when I was 10 or 11 years old, and for that age range I had a shocking result. After that, they took the test with me again, but at the second time they gave a higher level test and the result of that was still impressive.
I know IQ isn't everything, but I'm curious. 😶


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  • Mensa has tests. You could take one and find out if you are in the top 2%. If you have taken any common standardized test like the SAT you can get a very good idea from that result.


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  • The mean score is 100 on a bell curve with a standard deviation of 15. Most people fall between 85-115 with 130 being gifted and 145 being profoundly gifted. An Ivy League professor would probably be around 145 while Nobel Prize Laureates like Steven Weinberg, considered by many to be the greatest living Scientist has an IQ most likely over 160. If the score a 130 or above you are in the 98th percentile.


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  • Go test it at Mensa and see.

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