How do I ask my dad to take me to get my eyebrows done?

I'm not joking when i say if i don't have my eyebrows done, my life is a mess. I have a natural unibrow. No. Everyone has a little fuzz between their brows, i was blessed (i kid you) with a thick ass unibrow on my moms side. My mom usually takes me but she randomly left for a vacation when i asked. How do i ask my dad? I don't have any sisters, just the middle child of two bros. i literally look like sasquach. Thankfully i have bangs to cover them up but i like to keep them back at home. I can't go to school tomorrow with god damn squiliam on my face. Once i get them done, my life will quiver closer to the track.


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  • Hahah awh! Basically just go to your dad, or TEXT him I always find texting is so much easier when it's not so personal and or needs to have a conversation about. Just say "Hey dad, since mum is away i need you to take me to the salon to get my eyebrows waxed, is that ok?" Just really casually the less awkward you sound the less awkward he will be too!


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  • Well you could always pluck them yourself at home?

    • I usually do that. But if i attempt to now, then i definitley can't get them waxedNd when they are waxed it does a better job, and cleaner. I'm a procrastinator and since they are all grown out i probably won't finish.

  • Wait for your mom to get back.

    • I shall do thAt hopefully she gets home soon