What is your craziest drunk story?

Mine was last night. I can't remember half of it but my friend told me in detail of what happened after i sobered up a bit. It was my friends birthday party and we had drinks and poker in the basement. I was the only girl out of 5 guys and it was the first time meeting 4 of them. We played some poker and i lost:/ And then i remember being very touchy feely with two of the guys there (i have a boyfriend and they all knew) I gave everyone nicknames like irishman and purple pants and that part i can remember and it was pretty funny haha. And then i sat on one of the guys lap and hugged them and was super touchy with him... And then the parts that i dont remember at all was when i fell over the poker table and spilled drinks, put my head on one of the guys laps and puked on their pants and tackled someone facefirst. And then the next thing i knew, i was laying on the couch with them trying to contact my boyfriend and mom. My boyfriend kept calling n texting but they wouldn't let me have my phone. They tried to hide it from me so i wouldn't say anything stupid to my boyfriend. I ended up puking soooo much and couldnt fall asleep at all bc of a raging awful hangover... My whole body was in physical pain. All that i remember last night was that i lost 20 dollars in poker and me sitting on this guys lap whom i just met. I did tell my boyfriend everything tho and he seems to be understanding. I feel like shit tho bc thats a line i should never cross with another guy n i almost did last night. All the guys took turns taking care of me tho n they were so nice n concerned for me. Im very lucky to have been surrounded by good people.

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  • i don't really have any. i just get sleepy and dizzy when i'm drunk... nothing like when people just go ham or act really different. i just kinda mellow out. but i did get tanked on my 21st. we were in miami and my coworkers took me to a strip club... now, i wasn't really drunk until i broke the seal and nearly fell over trying to get to the bathroom. well, i managed to get there and back and since i'm the birthday boy, i got a lap dance, courtesy of my friends... sounds awesome, right? i would say so too if i didn't fall asleep halfway through the dance. somehow i woke up and made it back to my friends and then they asked me about it in which i told them it was awesome! on the way back, i fell asleep in the car.

    i have a lot of funny drunk stories, but the most recent was this actually happening to my sister. we were on vacation in nola. me, her and my dad went out for drinks. as little as i drink, apparently i can handle my shit the best. so we go up and down bourbon street and get back to the hotel (the entire bourbon street thing on the way back was an adventure in itself). but when we get back, they have a place to make your own pbj. well, my sister is retarded (and drunk) and trying to make a sandwich. sounds great except she kept dropping 1 of the pieces of bread. and that wouldn't sound so bad except for the fact that every time she picked it up and nearly put it in the trash, she dropped it on the floor. it happened like 4 or 5 times each with 3 loaves of bread. i was just standing there like: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5OfwhGQONbg


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  • I don't drink. What happened to having good times with just water, cause that's literally all i drink.


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  • Lol I am fri

    • You're drunk lol I remember letting a guy eat my ass drunk #crievrytim

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