Is it okay to remain friends with ex-boyfriend's friend?

My ex-boyfriend and I dated for about three months when he broke up with me a year ago. We were still hanging out as friends after the break-up, even though I still had feelings for him. One day he asks my best friend (girl) to hang out with him when he knew I still had feelings for him. She said no to him though, because she knew how I felt. One day later he unfriended me on Facebook, Snapchat etc. without any explanation. Him, his best friend, my best friend and I used to hang out sometimes when my ex and I were still together, so we all know each other well.

About six months ago, my best friend and I meet them both at a café where we all had started conversations and so on. After that day, my ex's best friend asks me and my best friend to meet and catch up with him only - we said yes, why not. I have been hanging out with him alone about three times after the first catch-up (he lives in another city). We are only friends and I cannot imagine me dating him.

Is it okay, or?


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  • Yeah why would it not be ok?

    • I do not know how I would have reacted if my best friend hung out with my ex. That is why I am asking - you are a guy, how would you feel if your best friend were friends with your ex?

    • I have had some of my best friends date an ex of mine. Basically once you break up, you break up. Its silly and immature to throw a fit over who someone hangs out with

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