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I have a 99 Ford escort and the heat doesn't get very warm at all. is it expensive usually to get something like that worked on?


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  • Two main reasons why you have no heat.

    1- Engine itself is not heating up because of a stuck open thermostat. Changing the thermostat on most vehicles is a standard, routine and should not be too expensive. If your car has a coolant temperature gauge, you can easily tell if the engine itself is too cold by simply seeing the gauge doesn't increase much.

    2- Your heater controls are basically stuck on "cold" and will not allow air to be directed over the heater core. This can be very expensive depending on what is wrong simply because extensive time can be required to tear into the dash and heater system.

  • If you are talking about your cars engine running very cold your cars cooling system is probably cooling your cars engine a bit too much.

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