Why do I feel the need to prove something?

This guy I know doesn't respect me because I think he saw I wasn't studying for the longest time, (as in slacking at school).

I was a good student, just going through a horrible time.

Now, I feel the need to prove something to him because I kmow he doens't respect me. And he does really mean things to, like he asked what I was reading, and I told him, and he just stopped replying to me. As though I was whatever.

I can't get him out of my head not because I like him, but because I feel as though I have something to prove.


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  • You know it's a common feeling among people to think of narcissism as a huge flaw but I've found that if you are narcissistic then you start caring a lot less of peoving things to people and more about proving then to yourself


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  • Umm, prove what?


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  • Why go for a guy who doesn't respect you. he sounds conceited and probably not worth the pain

    • Because school is important to me. And I for some reason cannot digest that life played a cruel trick on me and gave him an opportunity that I worked super hard for

    • my point is, dont try and prove something to him... just study and live your life for you... if at all he backtracks then fine but just do it for yourself... not to prove a point

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