What do I do with this guy?

im at school minding my own fucking business right and my teacher decideds to change our seats. Cool fucking beans. So she's sitting every body down and this guy-we'll call him Jackass- had to sit right behind me! Apparently Jackass doesn't like me to much and he decideds to make a big scene and shit. Saying he doesn't like me. In the middle of a lesson Jackass said "I'm so sad," And me beign the caring person I am asked him why. Jackass responded with "because i have to sit behind you" !!! i was 2.2 seconds from smaking the shit out of him. After that it seemed every two scodns he was saying i don't like you, i don't liem yoi, i don't like you, i don't like you. So i went off-sorta I mean i still had to be civilized-and i turned back around. He kept complaining about how he had to sit behind me. It's not like i stink. I don't talk to the fucking duchebag. I barely talk in school. I asked hsi friends because im friends with some and they have no idea why he hates me so much. What should i do with him? do i just continue to ignore him or fight? Sorry for all the cursing. This on;y happens when im pissed. Most of the time im saying geeky crap like Crapazoids or Zammit. OR Mother of holy pearl. Also sorry fro anything misspelled words or messed up sentences. I don't feel like doing grammer check. Ain't nobody got time for that.
im so happy i added that sentence about grammar because ooo i reread because i have many!


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  • Embarrass the shit out of him, right there in the middle of class. Make fun of his looks, the way he talks, his lack of a girlfriend (assuming he's straight and doesn't already have a girlfriend), etc. Unleash your inner savage on his bitch ass.

    In all seriousness though, idiots like him are gonna keep on with their bullshit no matter what you do. So you might actually give him something to hate you for.


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  • LOL this has to be the funniest thing I read all day! Can't you just tell your teacher he doesn't let you think in class and you want to switch seats?

  • he's teasing you and trying to get your attention because he likes you. guys sometimes are mean to girls when they like them if he really didn't like you he wouldn't make a scene about it


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