What's the best body wash and deodorant out there right now?

This question is more for guys than girls, but girls can comment what their boyfriend uses that the absolutely love. So I've been using the same deodorant and body wash for about a year now (old spice swagger body wash and old spice swagger deodorant) and I'm kinda getting bored of the smell of it. I want to get a new body wash and deodorant setup but I don't know what is the best out there. So can any of you guys give me tips on what to use or what you use? I sit next to prett girls most of my school day and I want to smell fresh. The setup that I'm using at the moment doesn't catch the girl's smell, but I don't stink either. I want something that a girl will smell and complement me on it. Any ideas?


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  • I use dove soap.

  • My bros use whatever I put in the shower.

    Nivea body wash
    St Ives oatmeal and shea butter body wash.
    And a dove one.


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