Weight loss question?

i weigh 127 pounds and 5 ft. i want to loose 22 pounds in a month ( which might not happen but thats all g) , i want to make my thighs smaller but have a more define butt, i also want to get some abs. im 15, does anyone know a good workout plan or one that helped them. i couldent find a photo of my body so i will just some photo of my body type on there, but i have a photo of my legs so you know what i mean. my fat goes to my stomach and thighs just to let you know. im the blue one.
weight loss question?


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  • Not gonna happen in a month. I would suggest going to bodybuilding. com but you have to be 18 or older.


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  • If you want to loose that amount of weight in that time frame, I hope you enjoyed your last meal. Looks like you won't be eating for a while.

    But for the record, you're fine. You're not fat.