Will my makeup run when I sweat?

Ok so I've been using some of my mom's makeup lately. I'm not gay, or bi, I'm completely straight, and ik its a little weird for me to wear makeup but i do because i have very low self esteem and i think it makes me look a little better, and it makes me more confident about myself. I don't wear much, i only wear some of that powder stuff (i don't know what its called... maybe concealer?) to cover up a patch of acne and even out my skin tone, as well as some light mascara on my eyelashes.

i dont wear enough that anyone notices--otherwise my friends would've given me plenty of shit by now.

So on to the question. I have PE first hour (i know, it sucks), but i only have it for a few weeks more, and then I'll have health instead for second semester. But I'm afraid that if i put my makeup on in the morning that it'll run when i sweat in PE.

My question is: will the type of makeup I'm wearing run when i sweat?

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I believe the makeup i was talking about was either powdered foundation or powdered concealer.


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  • I think it would because When i run it just a sweat mess of colors.


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  • bruh, just don't be a pussy and deal with it like 99% of the rest of us guys (excluding metrosexuals).


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  • You would have to use a setting spray for it to stay on or a finish spray. But since it's not that much it won't be that bad. You

    • Might have it Rub off on clothes or something so use a towel that won't have it show so much

  • Since it's not a lot, it shouldn't run badly. Just be careful of the mascara.

  • It shouldn't, but foundation can rub off on towels and such.


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