What to do if u feel like u r not worth?


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  • First of all, a person without self confidence, is worthless.
    You're maybe just pressured by the society, my friend.
    You'll have to ignore what those people say, when people have nothing better to do they criticize and make fun of others.
    They know nothing about you! You should never lower your confidence just because some idiot compared you to some wanna be genius. You should always value yourself.
    Just trust in yourself, and you can fight your fears and find a decent job. Then you will see how all those people's face will go red with shame and embarrasment.
    Remember just 1 thing 'you can do it'


    and, its alright if you never had a boyfriend, take that as a plus point. You've never got dumped nor did you ever dumped anyone. You are different and unique, do not let this uniqueness die because of what others say and think about you.

    Check out this video, it has helped me when I was going through this phase.
    Thought might help you too :)


    Good luck :)


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  • Do you mean if you feel like you are not worthy of life? All living beings are worthy of life, you shouldn't feel any less just because of the thoughts in your head.

  • Try postive thinking and therapy.

    • It doesn't work

    • You need to really try! Your not trying and your suppose to do it everyday. You either change your mind or you live your life hating yourself.

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