Who will win The NFC East in the NFL?

My personal pick is The Giants.
The Eagles and Cowboys are currently heading into OT tied at 27

  • New York Giants (current record 5-4)
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  • Philadelphia Eagles (current record 3-4)
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  • Washington Redskins (current record 3-5)
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  • Dallas Cowboys (current record 2-5)
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Eagles just won 33-27 vs the Cowboys.


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  • Out of them, the giants are just the better team but they aren't THAT good. I think they'll be in trouble when they come up against a team like the patriots in the playoffs if they make it that far

    • They'll only face the Pats if they make the Super bowl because the Pats are in the AFC

    • That's why I don't think they'll win this year. The better AFC teams are just doing better.

      The only NFC team I'm confident in right now are the panthers.

    • True but it would be so hilarious to see Eli Manning beat Tom Brady in the SB again. You have to agree with that lol. Panthers are the best overall
      team in the NFL. Super Cam should be the MVP.

  • Eagles. Fuck the wee men. Birds all day.

    • "Language!!!" I quote Captain America from Avengers

    • LOL. I just saw that movie the other day. Interesting.