Why is it such a pain in the ass to unscrew a Kangertech tank?

I started to vape to get off smoking cigs but when I tried to refill my tank, it won't budge. I've been at this for like an hour. Anyone have ideas?


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  • Use something as a vice to grip one end, and a pair of pliers or wrench on the other end. Be very very careful if any of the parts are made of plastic or you might damage/break them.

    FWIW, when I saw 'Kangertech tank' I immediately thought:

  • I have a much simpler suggestion an actual tobacco pipe, the tobacco isn't addictive, no additives or man made chemicals added unlike cigarettes. And your not supposed to inhale it, I have known many pipe smokers who were also former military who smoked pipes, and it got them off of cigarettes for good.

    As for unscrewing the vaper *shrugs* no clue never used one I'm a pipe man but I mean it could be that hard could it?

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