Why does my ex girlfriend feels awkward around me even though she still has feelings for me?

Ok help me understand this. So if an ex boyfriend or ex girlfriend still has the hots for you aka feelings. Then why would they feel awkward around you. Do they want you back, may feel nervous around you, don't want to fuck stuff up, trying not to be so noticeable, or other. like her and I don't speak what so ever, other then if we need help with something at work. But no hi or byes or anything. She sees me, she hurry up and walk away and turn the other direction. And someone one her friend told me that she feels awkward being around mw because she still holds feelings for me. But she also has told me once before that she hasn't or is trying to move on. So what gives?


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  • She feels awkward BECAUSE she still has feelings and isn't sure if you still like her.

    • O. Well she don't it all the time's. It's just when we are at work and she hasn't seen me in a while. The out the blue I pop up and she wouldn't know I'm at work lol. Bit she always comes into the sown stairs bathroom 🚽 and I'm cleaning and her eyes gets so big. And she start saying stuff like oh shit or oh shot my bad. I didn't know you was in here, or just be like oh dang and hurry up out of the restroom lol. So I try to hurry up and so she can get in, and then when I am all done. I ask her does she need to get in there, then she's out there laughing and talking and then tells me oh naw nvm or I'm that she's good.

    • I mean don't do it all the times lol.