LDR, my boyfriend hasn't responded all day?

I'm in a long distance relationship with my boyfriend. I am in another state. Myboyfriend and I usually keep in contact all the time. Text when ever we are free and video chat. We are always keeping in touch. But today, in the middle of a conversation in the middle of the day, he stops responding.
He couldnt have fallen asleep because it was way too early for that.
Why is he doing this? We've been together for over a year, he has never done this before. This is so unlike him its really making me nervous.


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  • Dont worry, that may be because of his situation like his phone might be out of charge or may be he lost his phone - we never know which situation is he in... don't be too hurry to make perceptions - it will create gap between u... may be he is trying hard to contact u - hope for the best :)


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