I have heard it before, and I kinda knew it but didn't want to admit it a guess. but apprantly I have a resting bitch face?

so i have always had an idea about it, but i jsut got tagged in a post on tumblr which goes like this "She has beauti, she has grace, she has a resting bitch face".

I have heard it before, and i kinda knew it but didn't want to admit it a guess. but apprantly i have a resting bitch face.

Im not perfect by any means, but i think i make it a bit difficult for myself that i have a resting bitch face and that im not overly good at sharing emotions... i dont want to seems arrogant or anything, but could that be one of the reasons i dont get approach as much? People find me attractive, but i just look extremly unapproachable because of my bitch face?


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  • I would say that could be a reason why people don't approach, maybe. Most of the time I look angry or like I don't want and it doesn't help that I don't always sound friendly, even when I mean to be and have a sarcastic sense of humor.

    You definitely can still look attractive, but people assume your in a bad mood all the time so they don't approach, you could try smiling more if it bothers you, or just smile at guys that you want to approach you.


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  • A resting what what? Never heard of that phrase before. Guessing from your description that it means a girl who looks bitchy and arrogant.

    Studies show that good looking people are unfairly perceived to be good on the inside too. This is the first time I am hearing of a case where the person is beautiful but perceived to be ugly on the inside (on first impression.) That is very unfortunate and I'm sorry to hear that.

    Why is it that you are not good with communicating emotions? This is often the case with people who have faced some sort of trauma in their impressionable years... They build a wall around them, that prevents people from getting in. It's a Defence mechanism to avoid getting hurt again. Try to identify why this has happened to you. Just realising the cause and coming to terms with it can help bring down those walls...

    Besides that, I also think that people at your age, can be rather brutal and unkind... Judging people superficially and rejecting and ridiculing anyone who does not conform with their idea of the norm... Believe me that things will get better as you grow older... people around you will be more mature, and empathetic, and then some might see through the facade you put on to the real you.


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  • What is a resting bitch face really? I know some people think im angry or mad when I brood for example, which I tend to do a lot. But is just my face when I brood, if people assume things wrongly cause of that, its just their own fault.

    • Well whoevers fault you say it is, it won't change the situation at hand.

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    • Yes, sorry, I just get mad that most people think that way, didn't mean to direct it at you. People are always complaining how people shouldn't judge them, but their unwilling to do anything about it but complain.

      But more to the situation at hand, people also usually assume I don't want anything to do with them, I don't think I look approachable , so I do need to put in the effort when meeting others. I don't care most of the time either though.

    • @nakedalligator I can totally get that yes. I get so tired of it myself when people come to me about their problems for example and whenever I offer advice or solution they usally just disregard it and go back to living in the same problem and not make a single attempt to make it better or do anything about it, yet think its perfectly okay they take their drama and dump it on everyone else who bother to listen. Which yes, as I usally say, they must want it like that, the pain and missery since again they dont bother to do a single thing about it. (Of course they get super pissed at me when I say that :) )

      I can get that yes, Im kinda the same their, but I kinda prefer it that way. People do approach me still at times I guess though. But yes, I know what you mean :)

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  • It could be why people don't approach you. When i got kicked out of school and starting going to an adult school i had literally no friends because i looked like a bitch xD

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