How to cure myself?

I don't seem needed at all, i've helped everyone around, even thou' i'm still so young but i did a great job for someone who is 17 but in the end it seems everyone is happy when they get what they want and they forget about me, it hurts to not to feel i'm needed anymore, how to cure myself from this hurt? it drives me nut that i think useless things


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  • You will find that life is full of people that have their hand open for a hand out , either for financial help or just emotional support to just wanting favors. The thing you would do go to learn is when to and when not to help them. It's so much easier to find those that take your generosity and run than it is to find someone who will return the favor. I have family that fit the second example so I have cut them off as far as helping them. It was a enabling that I was providing and it wasn't helping them it was hurtful


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  • Take care of yourself for once, make yourself a priority again, and learn that it's OK to say "No" to people.
    It sucks giving and giving and giving and never getting anything in return, but don't let it drive you insane... I don't know that the whole idea of "karma" is true or not, though it can be a helpful way of looking at it... knowing that if you do the right thing and do good to others, your reward is coming (though who knows when or where), and that if people mistreat you (taking but never returning the favor), eventually it's gonna bite them in the ass...

    You're young, and it's not always easy, but doing things for others for the sake of helping them out isn't always a directly two-way street... sometimes the satisfaction you get, knowing that you're doing your part to make the world a better place, is reward enough.
    What about volunteering at an animal shelter or something where you might not get compensation in the form of money or favors returned, but helping less fortunate critters leaves you feeling satisfied that you ARE needed, and that you're doing a good thing? Or a soup kitchen, or working with sick kids in a hospital or something?
    Those sorts of things may give you more of a feelings of being needed, of really making a difference, without feeling like you're owed anything in return?


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