Even as the "pretty sister" I still can't seem to get a boyfriend. im losing any faith about my self at all?

so pretty much since puberty i guess i started getting compliments about my body, i got told i was pretty, cute even had two people com randomly up tp me to tell me how beutiful i was.

I grew in a sense to belive that i had looks, i was even called the "pretty sister".. i never really felt really attractive, but it still made me feel a bit better about myself.

So unconiously i think i have learned that im not necessarly the smartes one or even the prettiest, but at least i had looks so finding a boyfriend (aka accompishing something) should be tha difficult.

I was extremly shy and inscure until i was around 18-19, so i kidna told myself that the reason i didn't have a boyfriend was because i barely went out and i never really talked to guys, at all. But when i got older and more outgoing, im not shy anymore, i kinda lost self eestem, because as the "pretty sister" i still didn't managed to get a boyfriend.

And then friends, family (espcially my mother) and even some random people keep asking me about it, and even though i know that its way more to life then fining a partner, i can't help but feel like a total failure.

I mean i can't seem to get good grades, i can't seem to find a boyfriend and on top of that i have problems finding friends with common interest and connect with. I feel so misplaced and i dont know what to belive anymore. any advice, im losing any faith in myself. :(


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  • you dont have to have one