If a guy saw you laughing with a really intelligent guy and you ignored him will that give him a complex for life?

Sort of like think you only like other taller smarter people to hang out with.

Which is funny because both guys are smart but one is smarter


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  • He may have a complex from it but it may only be shown around you

    • The next time I saw him he was giving me this pained look, (hesitant) as though he was sort of like afraid of my reaction. Then I realized it was because I had ignored him around the other guy.

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    • what do you mean?

    • He feels shunned by you and that feeling of not being good enough will alway stare him in the face when he is around you. Sort of a demon on his shoulder poking him to remind him. But he won't have that feeling around others

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  • Why would you want to create a complex on another person in the first place? That would be mean. >_>


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  • Are you asking if the taller guy would have a bigger ego? You perceive him to be smart because he is taller.

    • No he's taller because he's older plus he's smart, plus he's got work experience and the other guy's sort of like a newbie

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