Life changing steps and ideas?

So I've made a list of what I would like to change and do to be a better person.

1) take TOEFL
2) French language course (done)
3) Photoshop, graphic design courses
4) psychology courses and improvement. (Started)
5) Read books (Made a list of 20 books, finishing the 3rd)
6) Travel
7) get a part time job (done)

What do you guys think?
Should i add more stuff?

P. s i know the photoshop and graphic design is unnecessary but it's something i love.


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  • You're missing servitude.

    If you want your heart to change and have a better perspective on life and people, help the needy.

    • What does servitude have to do with changing my heart and helping the needy?

    • I'll have to write an essay for that lol.

    • Lol. Oh nevermind then, i will search through it :)

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  • If I were in your shoes, I would leave the list like this. So once your completed with psychology courses, cross if off then add a new goal. Good luck!

    • Thank you! I might add something to work on my outside more like running, swimming, or going to the gym.

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  • That are some good goals to get started with. I want to learn graphic design myself. That somthing I always wanted to do.


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