If I had a job would they mind this?

I have a little brother who is epileptic and right we are having trouble figuring out the right medicine dosage. So for the last few weeks, he has had small health problems like headaches. My parents have this better safe than sorry mindset and always bring him right home even if its something small. Which i get, even if its something small it can turn into something big for a person like him with the medical problems he already has. Right now I am going to school at the college twenty minutes from my house and keeping the house clean at home and doing odd jobs for my parents since they both work full time and are only home on the weekends. In the next six months, I plan to get a job but if I am getting calls from my parents wanting me to go pick up my brother, do you think my boss would care or that my co-workers would think I am lazy?


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  • Your brother is your parents responsibility, not yours. If they can't stay home with him when he's sick they shouldn't have had him.

    No you can't go home from work all the time to look after your brother. If you worked for me I would not agree to this. But I guess you could ask your potential boss about it...