I just feel like no matter what I decide to do in my life I am going to fail at everything?

My mom has been making me feel this way lately. I always have a good intentions but they always go sideways. I dont want to get into details because i am tired of this day and i want a new one. But first I will read my book and drink homemade hot chocolate.


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  • Hey hot chocolate is a step in the right direction 💁🏻


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  • While you enjoy your hot coco and book, I'll say this. Other people do not decide how you will achieve your success. Don't let her words avert you from going where you want to go. She's your mom and probably thinks she has good intentions, but in the end it is you who makes the decisions about your life.

    • You're right. Usually I have my head above water while dealing with my usual level of stress. But today my mom pushed me off the dock.

    • My parents tend to get on my case too and criticize me if they feel I am doing something wrong. But then I remember the times they picked me up when I had fallen and needed help. Those days make up for the bad ones.

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  • Same here! I think we both need to form better opinions about ourselves.

    • I am the biggest critic of myself. I can't help it I was born a perfectionist.

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    • Agreed! Trust me it will happen.