Please help me with some math?

How the hell do I make a boxplot and explain it?

I have my numbers, which is 10, 22, 45, 87, 17 ,40 and 8.
I've dyscaliculia, so it isn't easy for for me as it might be for others.


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  • You have to find the first and third quartiles first. It might be easier for you to sort the numbers in order and then find the 25th (1st quartile) and 75th (3rd) percentiles. These make up the two "walls" of the box. Then mark your minimum point, your maximum point, and your median. If you need to look for outliers, then it's 1st Quartile - 1.5(IQR) and 3rd Quartile + 1.5(IQR) for the cutoffs.

    Here, the minimum is 8 and the maximum is 87. First quartile is 10 and third is 45. IQR (3rd - 1st) is 35, so 87 is an outlier.

    • Don't you have to multiply the IQR by 1.5 to find the outlier limit?

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    • @rthomas43 ap stats for me!! not sure about others though ;u;

    • Thanks for the MHO :)

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