Why are so many refugees wanting to go to Australia?

Don't go to Australia, only an idiot would take refuge there. Unless you're a millionaire, the only place you can live there is hot, dry and full of flies and you can't get any fresh water unless it rains which it never does.

Go to Canada instead, when climate change gets into full swing, Canada will have the most fresh water and fertile land of anywhere.

Go to Canada!

Oh Canadaaaa, blah blah blah blah blah blaaaaahhhh

Der, der der derp, dum di di di di daaaaaa!


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  • Seriously? -.-
    Australia is awesome✌️

    • It is if you're a millionaire

    • this was unexpected! lol, thanks for MHO.
      Now Australia is waiting for you :P

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  • This is a very funny post but there was a horrifying story in the news recently about the Australian detention center for migrants and refugees, on Christmas Island. The Australian government doesn't even let you enter Australia if you're an undocumented migrant, they ship you to an offshore center for "processing." Scary stuff, frankly. I love Australia but this was at best unnerving to read.

    So yeah, Canada would be a much better destination for a person in dire need. I can think of a lot of places that would be better actually.

    • Exactly so come to Canada. There's no better place than Canada for the future

    • Thanks for the MHG man.

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  • This convinced me to move to Canada. I am packing my bags on my horse (his name is Charlie) and coming. Wait for me. 🐴✈️

  • EXCUSE ME? u are NOT producing fallacies about my country THANK YOU.

    • Canadian or Australian?

  • Hell no, turn right back! Canada is full! Shoo, shoo!

    • No its not, we have vast space here. Canada is the second biggest country in the world!

    • Shhhhh... the migrants don't need to know...

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  • 1|0
    • I'm pretty sure they mined all that in the 1800's. Now all you'll find is red dirt

  • Well that's not true, Australia is actually a pretty cool place I've been looking up some of the places there. I will agree though it's a very, very expensive place.

    • Exactly. You better be some kind of aristocratic millionaire or millionairess if you want to sustain a good quality of life down there

    • Not necessarily a good steady job with a recent income and good money managing skills would probably do it.

  • Phahahaa. That's brilliant.

    • I don't hate Australia but I am getting very fed up and sick of their behaviour right now.

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    • @Applefan1 I haven't heard much about that, can you explain?

    • @Applefan1 where are you from?