Is spontaneous generation the only explanation for abiogenesis consistent with the evolution hypothesis?

If not, please explain abiogenesis in a way that is consistent with evolution theory. How did a left-handed nucleotide chain form in a stochastic equilibrium entropy hole.


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  • I feel so stupid right now! I have no clue what your talk about! Why do men have to be so complicated? Spontaneous generation are you talking about matter... how nothing is air born or is this something else?

    • sorry to make you feel taht way, its just that i have a theory any hypothesis that resulted in life forms capable of evolution would, of course, be compatible with evolution. All that is required is that the life form reproduce itself, there be inheritable variation between individuals in a population, and there be a selective pressure that favored some traits over others.
      The hypotheses in abiogenesis, all meet those requirements, because we know evolution is true. So, every valid hypothesis must be evolution compatible. and was wondering if it could be right so in other words The prohibition against spontaneous generation of life is based on: Life cannot arise under CURRENT CONDITIONS of an oxidizing atmosphere, THEREFORE life could NEVER have arisen spontaneously is this a failure in logic?

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    • always a pleasure my lady.

    • Thanks! lol

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  • No one knows. The most we've seen are a few nucleotides created in a lab by processes that would've existed in the early Earth. How these formed chains, let alone proteins, is anyone's guess.


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  • nobody has any idea how abiogenesis occurred and it has nothing to do with whether or not evolution is true


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  • Pretty much yes, i think. But how about panspermia? They recently found the comet Lovejoy, which emits 500 bottles of ethanol, alongwith acetaldehyde and other organic matter. It could be indirectly true, although we didn't get spores from space. That's almost impossible with all the radiation.