What would you do if this happend on your street?

not so long ago thier was 3 police cars and a moter bike cop
chasing a man in a car up my street the man was armed with a gun and stuff
the police rammed him near my house and all up the street
its not every day it happens in our usally quite neighbourhood... the man they were chasing had only the rim of the tiers left...
they marks all up my street and ran over my plants my friends and family happen to all be at the front
it was horrfic how would you react


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  • Lol it turns out last week someone was stabbed right in my backyard. I was passing by on my way home and saw a crowd, two police vans and a body on a bench. My dad then took my little 12 year old bro outside to look at it.

    Life's pretty funny at times.


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  • Fuck that shit. Lock the freaking doors and lock yourself in your room...

    • lol nah i was at the front screming my head off

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  • Just calm. Things like that don't effect me at all

    • nah he had a gun tho... my neighbourhood is filled with children.