What does this kind of dream mean?

There's this guy that I see a lot at school and I've never talked to him before. I see him a lot, and whenever he sees me he has a weird look on his face like >:/ and 😐. Like a combination of that or something lol. Anyway. I had a dream I decided to come up to him and talk to him and I think he had a manbun because he usually wears one. So in the middle of the convo he takes down his manbun and gives me a hug and his friends are smiling at me.

I woke up and I was like tf was that? What does this even mean?


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  • I feel like you trying to ask if he likes you because he hugged you in a dream.
    Only you can determine what that dream meant. In person do you like him?
    I will say this. When i dream of a girl its usually because i like them, but i can control my dreams so my dreams are awesome.
    Also every person in a dream is a person we have seen in person at some point.

    • I honestly don't know if I like him, it was kinda weird. I mean I don't think he likes me at all and I don't like him at all since I never talked to him before. He's seen me around campus and if he sees me he just gives me a weird look.

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    • You have two choices then. Pursue and see if you or him is interested in each other.
      Or leave it at what it is, a dream. I have dreams where people im not interested in show up as well.

    • I'm pretty sure he has a girlfriend

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