Am I turning into a psycho?

as a child I was beaten by my big brothers and mother, when i say beaten, it is not slaps, they used like wodden things on me, cables, I was mistreated too, the big sister used to smoke to she puts the cigaretes in my back to swith them off, mom never protected me i was mantally abused physicaly beated... then as I was in junior high i got bullied at school, it was the same at home called dark skin since my brothers and big sister are light skined, making false stories about me being drug, i started to cut myself, now the cuts are deeper than before, it's never enough, i lick my blood till it stops from coming out, then lately, i've started to think to kill my family, yesterday I brought big knife from the kitchen and i said to mom that I'll slaughter her, and I was about to do it, then i got back to myself and I locked myself in my room, am I turning into a psycho? i know i need a doctor but i really think i should kill them for all my suffering for all the bad things they had done to me


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  • Call someone for help and get counselling and your family arrested for abuse show your scars tell your story. That sounds so awful and cruel. Please stop hurting yourself further. Tell a teacher or anyone what is happening