What do you think about the Fat Acceptance Movement?


I think it's disgusting for the media to try to convince us that being unhealthy is a good thing. Promoting "models" like Ashley Graham. What the hell? We already have enough obesity and diabetics in this country, do not make being fat and unhealthy socially acceptable. This world is going down the tubes.


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  • I agree with every word you said. People are trying to normalize obesity. You see girls like that Ashley one, who's clearly very unhealthy, and people are saying "there's a real woman. She's healthy." No she's not you fools! Have fun dying of a heart attack at 40. People should be encouraged to be fit and healthy. Not lazy and obese. People don't understand the health risks obviously. The thing is, everyone on my moms side of the family is obese and they all die in their 50s. My dads side is all very thin and they, even the guys, live to be in their late 90s. That really says something. People don't realize it is NOT hard to be a healthy weight and you do not have to starve yourself! You just can't eat a whopper every hour of every day. The world is going to shit, dude. it's like idiocracy.

    • It's part of the liberal agenda. They want to turn the entire world on its head.

    • Seems everything is just spiraling out of control. It scares the living hell out of me. I want to run away and be one of those Alaskan bush people. And just be far away from it. 😩

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  • It is bullshit, the sad part is Ashley Graham is not a fat girl just a big girl but she keeps fat on her to push that agenda.


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  • I think I am okay with that. I am glad people are learning to accept their bodies. I think people should just support body positivity and fitness at all body type. i don't necessary see it as a bad thing if people want to feel better. While encourage fitness.

    • No, they are telling people it is ok, even PREFERABLE to be unhealthy. How can any sensible person agree with that?

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    • Excuse me, but the media bashes skinny models and glamorizes "plus size" AKA fatass obese women.

    • Okay I don't know the media does this! THATS THE MEDIA! My name is Apple24 not media hahah! actually my real name is carmen. I personally think its cool that they have different type of model and I can't wait for chubby guy models hahah Big guys... bc everyone should feel like they belong even if they should work on themselves physical to stay health. I don't want girls growing up like me thinking if they don't look like VS models that they are not valuable to society or men or to themselves... all those women you call obsess are beautyful people that are stand up to bs people like you. If I ever get a daughter or a son I am going to teach them to respect everyone body and the physical fitness is important and I pray to all I hope I am worth to this earth he never becomes like you. So much hate why? Why? 😢

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