Why do you flake?

I have a guy friend who almost always flakes on me, if the plans were made in advance, if it's a random last minute "let's go do... he comes out. I'm wondering if there may be something seriously wrong with him. I used to flake out on people a lot when I was really depressed, not because I didn't want to hangout with them, but because I would suddenly get overwhelmed and anxious just by the thought of being around a lot of people. I'm wondering if it's the same with him.

do you flake on people a lot when you're depressed or feeling down? do you think I should ask him if everything's ok or just ignore it?



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  • i used to be a major flake in my early 20s.

    the major cause was the cystic acne i dealt w/ back then. it dictated my life. i had no clue if i'd be in a window of clear, or sabotaged. most of the time i was sabotaged n would make up an excuse.

    i learned not to make concrete plans because of the random nature which would determine my overall mood.

    • nowadays, i don't flake. period.

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    • that's stereotypical coke behavior.. on coke i'm just nicer and more affectionate (w/ just a friend, you can say more concerned)

    • hence... my suggestion to compare how he acts when you initiate vs him..

      when he hits you up, whatever's causing him to, is in in effect. vs the opposite when you hit him up

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