Read this if you're in a bad time?

I just want you to know that anything you're going through right now will go away at some point, and that even if you don't think it, a lot of people are here for you x I don't know who will read this, but I want you all to know that I understand, and that's not me just saying that.
I want you to believe that you are a beautiful/handsome, smart, talented, amazing person, and NO ONE should ever make you think differently...
I've been bullied for the past three years, and its not stopped because I talked to people about it x I can tell you from personal experience that it's best to tell someone x
But if you don't want to say something to anyone, I just want you to know that you should know that you are you're own person, and no one else should make you want to change x
I love every single one of you and I hope these bad things will go away x

Who'da thunk? A 14 year old girl giving this type of advice huh?


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  • I felt happy and now I am sad! I hope your okay!

    • I'm kinda fine now thankyou, but why are you sad? x

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    • its okay... just remeber its a smile not sympathy.

    • huh?

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  • Thank you, you just made me smile 👸

  • What an absolutely lovely thing to say.. Bless you, and thank you so very much. <3 <3

    • I know I would've been so much happier for someone to say this kind of thing to me, so I wanted to help others who may have been in the same situation or worse x

    • Well I can certainly tell you that it has cheered me up, as I am just recovering from having had open heart surgery.

      As you can perhaps imagine I have good times and bad times, and at the moment thanks to you, I am having a good time. <3 <3

    • aww thankyou x I'm so glad I managed to cheer someone up x

  • Thank you💕 you have a beautiful heart.

    • aww thankyou so much x

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