What are your thoughts on a statue being built for Dick Cheney?

Are you happy about tax dollars being used to build a statue for Dick Cheney? Will you visit it? Will you worship it?

  • I would be super pleased. He is a moral and great man
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  • I would vomit
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  • I don't care either way
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  • How about use our tax dollars on important shit?
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Most Helpful Guy

  • I hope the artist who creates the statue will show some humor and, at the same time, make a political statement by making the statue look like a huge penis. On the tip of the dick there can be a little smiley face and a line that reads "I'm DICK Cheney, everywhere I get involved, only shit comes out."

    • Shit comes out the other side but I do indeed like your answer.

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What Guys Said 6

  • Dick Cheney was a worthless warmonger

    • Would you write a congressman or senator expressing your dislike of such an idea?

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    • Lol they are educated but just give into the right wing indoctrination you know?

    • Well I find that more sad than the southern right wingers. They at least have an excuse lol

  • How big will the penis be?

  • I hope someone shoots it and claims to have thought it was a quail

    • My luck the bullet would bounce off and hit me in the sack.

  • I spray can will be useful

  • Dick Cheney is a wanker.

    • He sure the hell is. I would love to meet the fools that believe he deserves a statue.

  • Where is it to go? The gates of hell? The lobby of the Death Star?

    • Best possible response! If they put it at the gates of hell, or in the depths of the fecal matter recycling center in New York (pretty much the same thing), then I'd support it.

    • excellent choices men excellent.

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