Am I making the wrong decision?

I'm 17 years old and in the past month I having been taking a prescription drug that will help my GI track and anxiety. About 2 weeks into it I started getting really, really angry and violent. I'm usually a calm person and nice so this isn't like me. This past week and now I am very violent. Like I am threatening to smash my parents, teachers and "friends" skulls onto the ground. I feel scared because I am putting them in danger when I don't mean too.
I do have some emotional disorders and I have been in 4 behavioral centers before.

What I think is the best is to go to a behavioral center while I stop taking this drug and I get it out of my blood. Everytime I went to one before I had to go to the hospital get an evaluation, go into an ambulance for a transfer and get to the other hospital. That is to much money.

So here's where I need help on.

Should I call my doctor who gives me my medicines and ask him to send us a note to show the behavioral center so I can enter in that way?

I would hate to make my parents pay thousands or hundreds of dollars for the regular hospital, $800 for an ambulance transfer and on top of that the behavriol hospital which costs hundreds by the day.

What should I do?

  • Go to the hospital and get an evaluation and get a transfer
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  • Get a doctors note and drive yourself to the behavioral center
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  • Stay home
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  • Definitely call your Dr and ask his advice on what to do


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  • You say this didn't start until after you started taking your medicine? I think the meds are affecting your behavior then and you should talk to a doctor about alternate medication.

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