Do you believe in signs from the universe?

I have been asking the universe for a sign for a while now cuz I am in a desperate situation. And I actually kept looking for a word , a person , a situation or just a coincidence but nothing... Then tonight I just told myself I give up. I am done. My life sucks and nothing will change it.
I was so fed up that I started crying. Later I picked a randome movie to watch and the first thing that appears on the screen are these words:
"Everyone and everything is interconnected in this universe. Stay pure of heart and you will see the signs. Follow the signs, and you will uncover your destiny."
Is that a sign or am I just going nuts?


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  • You're going nuts. But phrasing it this way is a little too harsh I think. It's not really about going nuts as in "losing one's mind", it's more that you're brain is tricking you into seeing things where there is nothing.
    This has nothing to do with being crazy, it's a very human and natural trait. Human brains are constructed in a way that we often see patterns or "signs" where there are no patterns or signs. The reason for this has to do with evolutionary biology. Back several hundred thousand years ago, when our ancestors descended the trees and started roaming the African prairies on two feet, it was absolutely essential for survival to catch signs of possible threats very fast and early. Because of the high grass, predators such as lions could easily hide and attack out of nowhere. This meant that our ancestors had to be extremely attentive and look for any signs that could even remotely be interpreted as a threat to the group. Because of this, over the thousands of years our brains learned that it's better to see too many signs and patterns than too few. Feeling threatened all though there is no threat might be annoying but eventually unproblematic. Not feeling threatened although there is a threat can mean that you will get killed. This evolutionary development was so influential in our history that our brains are still like this today. It's something that also occurs a lot among religious people. The truth is that the universe is not an entity and is thus not capable of sending you any signs or secret messages. Some people's brains can deal with this lack of purpose quite well, other people find it really hard to accept that there is no "intelligent mind" and so they start seeing imaginary signs and telling themselves that these are messages from "god" or "the universe" or something like that.

    The same process is also used by mentalists when they do a technique called "cold reading". Cold reading is for example used when somebody claims to know stuff about your family members that he can't possibly know. One popular way of doing this is to claim that he/she has supposedly a mental connection to one of your loved ones who's passed away. The mentalists or magicians usually perform this trick in front of big crowds and then they say something like "I hear a person talking to me... it's J... something with J... Jonathan? Johnny? Jasper? No... Jasmine?" If you're grandma is indeed called Jasmine, it feels like an incredible stunt. It makes you think

    • "omg how can this guy know about my grandma?" The truth is that he doesn't know anything. It's just a pure hit-and-miss. The mentalist/magician just keeps calling out names that start with a certain letter and sound somewhat similar in the hope that one member in his audience will interpret this as a "sign" or a "pattern". In reality, there is no sign or pattern, it's just coincidence.

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  • I believe in Murpheys law, as well as the universe. Especially since there is so much evidence proving it exists.

  • I believe in God, not "the universe".


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