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So my guy is kinda big on his weed. I'm not against it, I enjoy partaking sometimes. But it makes me too sleepy so I have to be careful. He handles it better than me, and I get that sometimes it helps him get through his days a little more. But its starting to get excessive. Like, 4-5 times a day he'll need to get high. He wakes up, he does again, on his work break, etc. And it's starting to get irritating. I want him to not be blasted all the time. But its not like I want him to drop it. Just, cut back ya know?


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  • If you have concerns then by all means express them, but he has the right to decide how he behaviours, and all you can do is decide whether you accept that, or whether you can't tolerate it, and if you can't then you can only choose what you do from there, and you can't force him to make a change.


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