What are your first thoughts on somebody that has ADD?

I'm pretty insecure about it because I was just diagnosed. Everything matches up exactly though. It's kind of a relief to think I'm not crazy, lazy, or stupid. Can kind of forgive myself for all these years and start moving foward.

One of the things that really affected me are my relationships. I generally come accross as an asshole who doesn't care. My girlfriend constantly complained about it till she finally left. Most of my friends don't really hit me up anymore. I'm prettty damn lonely and depressed.


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  • I don't know if you are on the low or high end of the 19-24 but guess what getting older means you don't see your friends as much.
    Having ADD isn't a big deal. Never use it as an excuse. Of course something you can't always control and you have make yourself focus and do things. But it doesn't excuse your behaviour of being an asshole. I have ADHD I don't take pills I just learned different tricks to help me "deal with it". If you come across as an asshole that doesn't care that is not your add

    • I'm 22. I've been doing a lot of research on it and went to a therapist about it and she said you can control it but many times people with ADD come across like this.

    • Then you need a new therapist. Ya you can come across like that but it doesn't mean you can't change it. Not easy but if you love someone it's worth it

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  • The first that came to mind is forgetfulness.

    Like they have hard time remembering dates, something to do with being organized.

  • you're wonderful because your you.
    flaws are what makes a person who they are. they shape your personality and your personalityis you.


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