What Yu-Gi-Oh pack box should I buy?

I'm trying to build a decent deck to support dragons, particularly Blue Eyes. I'm looking for a good box of booster packs to buy online and I've looked up unboxing videos of the ones that caught my eye. Dragons of Legend 2 seems to have good toon support, but not much dragon support. Can anyone point me in a good direction?


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  • Dude... you're 24?

    • Yes, am I not living up to the standards you have set for me?

    • Haha nah man, you're fine. I honestly didn't even know they made those cards still, it's been such a long time since I had seen / heard of it.
      Whatever makes you happy is what's important, sorry if my comment came across negative. It was my honest to goodness reaction though when I saw the post, that's all.

      Party on!

    • Hell yeah, dude!

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  • I don't know ! I would go with the the box!


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  • People still d... d... d... duel!! Whaaaa? Had no idea?

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