Have you ever had someone support you for awhile then abandon you?

A friend of mine was helping me get through some issues then she just stopped talking to me... There's more to this story but she just stopped being supportive over night and I can't help but be upset about it.

Has something like this ever happened to you?

Have you ever had someone support you for awhile then abandon you?

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  • I've abandoned someone in there time of need... no I am not proud of it.
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  • Yeah my lovely parents. Especially my mom.

    I have horrible anxiety issues and have for about 3 years. At first, when I started having panic attacks my parents were seemingly concerned and heart broken. They got me help- that help was a stuffy psychiatrist and a prescription for xanax. After a few months of frequent anxiety attacks my parents basically started saying "deal with it." I ended up addicted to xanax and hospitalized due to withdrawal symptoms potentially killing me. I was in the hospital for a week. During that time I was visited daily and they brought me home cooked meals and even took off work to visit me twice a day and be there for me. It meant so much to me.
    But on my first night back my mom lost it bc I was still feeling miserable and it was 3am and I wouldn't sleep and I was telling her I was going to die and I couldn't do it anymore and she said "I'm just going to take you back to the hospital I can't deal with this. " so I left the house and didn't come back for a while.

    It hurt and it still does, sorry for the rant. I know how you feel. That kind of thing stays with you..

    • I use to have overwhelming anxiety as well but I have overcome it almost completely. I had an anxiety attack so bad once that I had to be taken to hospital to be sedated because they were worried I was going to have a heart attack...

      I think the Xanax should have been avoided, but I also feel you should try to forgive your parents because it seems like they lost their patience rather than abandoned you. It takes a lot of patience dealing with someone's issues/problems so its understandable if they have lost their cool in the past and were insensitive but that doesn't completely justify it.

      I say keep working on self-improvement and understanding your issues.

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    • Thank you.

    • you people are so damn selfishly full of self pity disgusting

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What Girls Said 4

  • Iv done it to someone as well recently and was the best thing I did. The father of my child has been struggling with drugs for 3 years and aot of other things but in 3 years iv had to put my life on hold and just be his support. couldn't go out, didn't have friends all that and iv finally said enough is enough and left him. Everytime he relapsed I had to hold his hand and I can't any more I need to hold my daughters hand instead.

    • Your situation is reasonable, if being a father isn't motivational enough for him than that is his problem (if I was in his shoes and had an addiction that I couldn't overcome I'd commit myself to a rehab clinic to help get over my addictions)

    • Yeah he tried that but lasted 2 days then booked himself out

  • your problems/ situation may have triggered some unresolved issues for her personally. its hard to tell without knowing the full story.
    i was the girl that my best friend called everytime he got drunk, high or had just hooked up with a prostitute. i tried my best to support him the best i could. he would drink, burn himself while i was on the phone with him. i was in recovery for a self harm adiction and the fact that he did those things while on the phone with me i felt were wrong. it triggered me and our friendship became toxic for me.
    like i said its hard to tell without the whole story. sorry i dint know if this helps

  • many times. and it hurts, it really does when they mean something to u.

    • It sucks trying to rewire your brain to not care about someone you cared deeply for.

    • couldn't have said it better. takes time, but eventually u gotta let go if they aren't worth it anymore.

  • Yes, I've had someone do this to me


What Guys Said 1

  • wow, in just a few words your sulking and asking people all over the world to support your whinny depressiveness. yuck I am sick of you already. You seriously cannot see why they ran away as soon as they got a chance. you obviously just want to stay in your sludge and mope.
    I feel sorry for the person that was sentenced to listen to your whinny ass, you ran that person out of your life because you are so selfish and full of self pity.
    How dare you ask for us to trash on this person you destroyed her sanity.
    now at least she is free.

    • Wow you jumped to conclusions fast, maybe you should leave the hotel before you start hallucinating & lose your sanity permanently Johnny.

      The reason why I asked the question was to see what kind of outcomes occurred with other people in similar situations (though I'd say the 2 who have shared experienced something entirely different - I guess I should said "betrayed" instead of "abandoned").

      LOL you have no idea what my "situation" is nor do you know about the major strides I was making for self improvement (better diet, going to bed at decent hour, being more active... etc) also I think I'm pretty justified in being insulted by her when she - brought a guy to a place I normally hangout to rub it in my face. - told me she didn't care about my "emotional bullshit" when I informed her that a friend had passed away... and countless other things she did that was uncalled for. The only reason I'm perplex by it all is at one point she was very caring & supportive towards me.

    • you are not a child nor a woman so blaming somebody for not listening to a gown ass man cry about his self is just pathetic. man up and grow up.