Why would you be with someone if they're not fully committed to you?

There's this guy who well we had a history. We never dated at all. It was the typical story. Boy likes girl, girl likes boy, every one knows and so do they. So... it went on for two years. I finally got the balls to talk around the idea of going out without actually saying anything. He ends up dating someone. Tells his friends he is into me and Im already over it. School begins and he's drooling over me but I give him the cold shoulder. His girlfriend hates my guts even though I dont talk to her or make faces at her.
They pretty much make out right in front of me, and he's constantly staring at me. She fights with him because he's always looking at me. I was pretty much over it by then. He's obviously not someone I want to be with. His friends find it weird how he is dating her even though they catch him staring at me and he talks about me all the time.
Why would you , being the girl, be in a relationship when your boyfriend is still into someone else. He made it seem like I was out of his league and he hated the ups and downs so he moved on , I guess but honestly why would you deal with this?

Also how can I not get involved? I dont talk to him or look at him any more. How can I make it clear to him I'm not interested at all.


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  • I'm surprised she hasn't ditched him already. Maybe she has some notion of trying to best you, maybe she's just not smart enough to leave. Maybe he convinces her that he "totally loves only her". I hope she leaves soon.

    • I really dont know. Its realy strange but you really got some great reasons

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